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29th March 2006

2:52pm: I'm back!!!!
Hi everyone...I haven't dissappeared, I haven' died. I've moved into college now and I haven't got the internet in my room, so I really haven't been on the internet much. I'm using my mum's computer now, cause I'm back home for my primary school prac. I did my first prac day today, and I'm thankful to God. My kindy kids are well behaved and my teachers seems really good, and early childhood trained which is a good thing.

Living at college is fun, I am making lots of friends and am starting to feel settled in. The food is provided, so I haven't cooked for so long. I like cooking though, so I will have to get back into it now I'm home. There are lots of Christians at college but still there are lots who aren't, so I'm praying for those ones and trying to share my faith as I make friends with them. On the weekend I went on a camp to the mountains. It was focusing on God's plan throughout the whole Bible, how he promised to send a saviour, and how that saviour was Jesus. It also focused on our role in that plan: worshipping God and talking about God to other people. I met a whole lot of new people as well. First years are seeming a whole lot younger now. I can't believe I'm in 4th year. Anyhoo...hopefully I will update kind of regularly again

God bless

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15th February 2006

10:15am: No-one has commented in ages...therefore a survey is just the thing to get hordes of people commenting on my interesting life!!! Actually, no not really. But I have nothing better to do :)

-Ever really cried your heart out?: Yeah, just a few days ago. But I very rarely do
-Ever cried yourself to sleep?: No
-Ever cried on your friend's shoulder? No, I can't even remember the last time I cried in front of a friend
-Ever cried over the opposite sex?: Not yet
-Do you cry when you get an injury?: If it's bad enough. I cried when I broke my arm
-Do certain songs make you cry?: No

-Are you a happy person?: Generally
-What can make you happy?: The joy of God, meeting and talking with other joy-filled Christians
-Is being happy overrated?: No ,it's fun
-Can music make you happy?: Definitely

-How many times have you had your heart broken?: Once, maybe.
-Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them?: Probably. Then again, i've never been in that situation
-Has anyone besides your friends and family ever said 'i love you' to you?: Do little kids that say it to everyone count?

-Who do you actually hate?: the devil
-Ever made a hit list?: no
-Have you ever been on a hit list?: no
-Are you a mean bully?: not at all, although I probably could be if I wanted to
-Do you hate George Bush?: I don't particularly like him, but I don't hate him.

-Is your self-esteem extremely low?: Not really, it's pretty good actually. Compared to other members of my family
-Do you believe in yourself?: I believe in God and he lives in me, so yeah.
-Are you good looking, do you deny you are?: I'd say I'm good looking, but that's my opinion. Can I say that without sounding completely arrogant?
-Do you wish you can be someone else?: No, most of the time it's okay

-What is your current hair color?: Brown
-Whats your natural color?: Just a tiny shade lighter than what it is now. The colour I put in on the weekend is almost gone, though
-What color are your eyes?: Blue-green
-Current Piercings: Ears
-Straight Hair or Curly: Straight

-What shirt are you wearing?: Green beach mission t-shirt
-Shoes?: no shoes, just dirty feet
-Underwear?: blue
-Necklaces: No

-Rock or rap: Rock, nice fast light-hearted pop-punk is the best
-Coffee or Hot Cocoa: Hot Chocolate or milo
-Wild Night out or Romantic Night in: Why not a wild night in?
-Chocolate or Vanilla: Choc.
-Hummer or Sports Car: I want a car that can fit all my friends for now, and kids in the future
-Bracelet or Necklace: bracelet. I hate having things around my neck
-History or Science: History
-Sleep in or Early to rise: Early to rise
-Beach or Boardwalk: Beach
-Hoodie or Tee Shirt: T-shirt
-Night or Day: Day
-High School or college: Not exactly sure what the difference is, but I'm at uni at the moment
-California or Florida: Tonga
-Simple Plan or Good Charlotte: GC!
-Love at first sight or Learn to Love: Learn to love

-Kissed the same Sex?: Only in the 'greet eachother with a holy kiss' sense
-Hugged someone?: Yeah, all the time
-Been on the phone until the sun came up?: No
-Put a song on repeat for more than an hour?: Probably
-Laughed so hard you peed in your pants?: I think maybe when I was younger
-Got in a fight with someone?: Only very occasionally. Not physical fights though

-person you talked to in person?: Dad
-person you talked to online?: Amigo
-person you talked to on the phone?: Mum
-person you hugged?: Dawn
-drink?: apple juice
-laugh?: Stine and me developing our IT student character
-last time you had a shower?: last night
-Do you like surveys: If there's nothing else to do (or if there is something else, less interesting, to do)
-What kind of shampoo do you use?: Dove
-Do you get along with your parents?: Yes, generally
-Are you old enough to vote?: Unfortunately
-Do you have mental breakdowns?: No
-Said you didn't feel good so you didn't have to go to school?: Heehee, quite frequently

-Current Mood: Distracted
-Current music: I'm tapping ou the rhythm to Harvey Danger-Flagpole Sitta
-Current Annoyance: Centrelink
-Current Longing: To live at college
-I ought To Be Doing: finding worksheets for my tutoring kids
-Current Windows Open: None cause we have air con and its COLD today anyway!!!
-Current desktop picture?: a nice montage of my friends at a camp
-Current Favorite Music Artist?: Relient K
-Current Book: Glastonbury - a novel of Christian England
-Current CD in stereo: The Cat Empire
Current Mood: hyper

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12th February 2006

1:23pm: Youth concert and more excitement
The youth concert is actually over - no more rehearsals three times a week. It was so much fun, really hectic but a lot of fun. I did try to colour my hair darker but Mum bought black hairspray instead of dye so i had to wash it out. I didn't like the idea of doing the candle dance with extra flammable spray in my hair! I remembered all my Tongan dances and got all dressed up. Everyone said I looked like a real Islander girl. For the tau'olunga, I got coconut oil all over my arms and legs, and people came and stuck money on my arms while I was dancing. That's how Tongans do fundraising, if you didn't know already.

One of the other highlights of the concert was the play that the youth did, as it was evangelistic and aimed at outreach. The play told the story of a teenage boy who was borrowing his dad's car and he stopped to pick up hitchhikers. The first person he picked up represented Jesus, and as he picked up different people, Jesus got pushed further and further back in the car. By the end, Jesus was kicked out of the car completely. Then all the people in the car were having heaps of fun but ended up crashing. This was really effective because we had some good sound effects. The play ends with the person playing Jesus blessing all the other people who are lying on the ground, and then an evangelistic message. It was extremely powerful, and we performed it in church this morning aswell.

Our church is growing so quickly it's very exciting but a bit overwhelming. We had about seventy people come today. At the end of last year, we would have been lucky to have forty. It really seems like each week we are getting new people. Today we had a new couple who used to be Muslim, but now want to get baptised after hearing the evangelistic sermon in church this morning. We had an altar call, for a change, and the vast majority of the kids and teenagers came up to the altar, really genuinely wanting to commit their lives to Christ. God is doing so much in our church, it's really amazing. It needs a lot of prayer though, so we can disciple and support all these people coming, especially as many of them are new Christians.

Praise God!
Current Mood: optimistic

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11th February 2006

11:05am: Everybody loves Raymond
My family is a bit like Everybody loves Raymond sometimes. Today there is a family gathering to celebrate my nana's birthday and it's also my cousin's engagement party. Normally I would like to go, but I can't really because the concert is this afternoon and I'm busy getting ready. Mum woke up sick today so she went to the doctor this morning. She's okay but needs to rest a bit, so going to the family thing and the concert is too much. Dad's worried now because of what Nana will think, or something like that. I don't take it too seriously. Probably should pray about it, though.

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8:05am: Youth concert!
The youth concert is today, after weeks of practice it has finally come. I'm getting very excited because I get to do all the dances in front of people and show everyone how I can do Tongan dances. I couldn't even do any Tongan dances at the beginning of the year, and I'm pretty much there now.
Also, I get to wear some pretty fantastic costumes. For the introduction, I am wearing a pale green semi-formal dress (my own). Then for the candle dance I am wearing a long white robe, supposed to look like an angel. For the maulu'ulu I'm wearing the youth group uniform, which is a dark red Tongan skirt and shirt. And then (this is the best one) for the tau'olunga I will be wearing a Tongan dress made out of a woven mat with a special red necklace and bracelets for my wrists and ankles. All the other girls in the dance will be wearing something similar but apparently I am wearing the special costume. And I'm colouring my hair black just for today, so I won't stand out like crazy with my light brown hair!
Current Mood: hopeful

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9th February 2006

8:51am: Noise
My sister is yelling at my dad again. I don't know what exactly happened. The first I heard of ti was her running up the stairs, yelling at him that she wished he didn't live here.

I really really don't like it when that happens. They are actually very similar in personality, which might be the reason why they fight a lot. Dad is depressed and finds it hard to talk to my sister when she yells and asks him difficult questions. She is very insecure at the moment.

I'm going to be living at college this year and only coming home on weekends. Maybe that's a good thing.
Current Mood: gloomy

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6th February 2006

8:51am: Pray please
My sister is getting really worried about starting her design course tomorrow. I think she's worried that she won't make any Christian friends and that the work will be too hard. Please pray, cause she is very stressed out.

Meanwhile, I am trying to enrol for this years subjects, and it is taking a very long time. I tried waking up really early to enrol before many people were awake but the enrolling website is 'closed for maintenance nightly between the hours of 6:00am and 7:00am'. Since when does 6am count as the night? This obviously reflects the general sleeping habits of the average university student during holiday time. Not me though, I get up early pretty much every day. All my family does, so it just seems normal for me.

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4th February 2006

10:29am: I have a pet slug
I have a new pet. He is a slug and his name is Vincent. My sister found him on the kitchen floor this morning. I really like slugs so I picked him up. He's a pretty big slug, and slithers around a lot. I made a house for him out of an old container with air holes, and filled it with grass. I haven't done that for ages, but I used to temporarily adopt little slimy or creepy crawly animals all the time. I'm intending on returning Vincent to the backyard eventually, if I don't get too attached to him. I thank God for sending me a little surprise gift this morning, for allowing me to wonder at his creation. :)
Current Mood: impressed

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1st February 2006

11:26am: Going away to college...
I am hoping to live at college this year. I've sent off my application and I should be finding out whether I get in or not next week. It looks pretty certain. It's pretty exciting, the fact that I will be a whole lot more independent than I've ever been. It's not like moving out completely, I will still come home on weekends. But I'll be paying for rent and doing my own laundry and living away from my parents most of the week. I feel ready for that, I think. The fact that I still get to keep my room at home the way it is makes it a whole lot funner, like I can have the best of both worlds. I already have a few friends who live at college, so I think it is going to be very fun.

My family is still worshipping together in the morning, so it might be sad to miss that, but we will have to make a special effort on the weekend, I guess. If I go to live at college, I still want to remain committed to my church, because there are so many good things happening there as well.

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28th January 2006

3:17pm: This is really good
It has been amazing! For the past few days, my whole family has been worshipping together. We're all Christians, which is a real blessing. We have this big room downstairs that we have made into our worship room. We've been dancing, reading the Bible, praying and having a small service in the morning. Most of us are on holidays at the moment, so we have the time to do it. It's really wonderful to see us growing in the Spirit and in faith. Please thank God for what is happening, and pray that we can continue it even when we go back to our normal non-holiday life. Also pray that my Dad can join in a bit more. He is Christian but he's a bit depressed at the moment. I really look forward to the days now, where I can go deeper in my worship of God.
Current Mood: jubilant

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27th January 2006

10:42am: Australia Day
I am really sunburnt after the Australia day picnic yesterday. A whole lot of families from church all went to the beach, in great Australian tradition. Unfortunately the barbeques there were all broken. We still had lots to eat, because the women in my church always make *so* much food. It was a very relaxing time. My church has mostly Pacific Islander people, and their culture is very relaxed and slow. We didn't eat lunch until 3 but that didn't matter. I also sang, in Tongan and English. My church is really growing at the moment. What's happening is, families are inviting other families they know. And because they're Islanders, they all seem to be related in some distant way. I love it.

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22nd January 2006

12:23pm: I went to a friends 21st last night. It was so fun, it was a Peter Pan dress up party with lots of kids games. I dressed up as Princess Tiger Lily. We don't all have to grow up completely...not just yet anyway
Current Mood: giggly

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20th January 2006

10:24am: Back home again
I got home from my visit to Tamworth yesterday. Mum's friend lives there now so we were visiting her NOT going to the country music festival as so many people suggested. I did buy a black country style hat though. I found myself getting very spoilt on that holiday, we always went where I wanted to go and I got lots of stuff. I think cause I was the only young one,and there were three adults. I don't usually get spoilt at home (not too much anyway) so it was nice for a little while.

I still have a bit more than a month till uni goes back. That is a lot of holidays. I'll be working a little bit but still I'll mostly be at home. Hopefully I can be creative - drawing, reading, writing and I want to spend a whole lot more time in prayer.

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11th January 2006

12:54pm: Singing and bible stories
It seems like I haven't updated in ages...but a lot of good things have happened. I went on beach mission, running Christian based programs for little kids. I read a lot of Bible storybooks and slept in a huge tent with all the other girls on mission. I also had a great Christmas, thinking about the Lord and how good he is to send Jesus. I find Christmas is so much more beautiful when it's simple: a few presents, a nice meal with my family and going to church. Really, the commercial view of Christmas is annoying.

I got back from beach mission with a pleasant surprise at church. After months of praying, we have a new family in our church that want to help with the youth group! Teresa and Dominic are going to lead our youth choir and have a youth service every Saturday...this is exciting. Our youth group is growing very quickly so I'm thankful God has provided. And there's going to be a lot of singing and dancing in the youth group now...even more than last year.

I hope you all have a really blessed new year.
Current Mood: relaxed

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20th December 2005

8:15am: I'm going into the city with a school friend I haven't seen since school finished three years ago!! This is exciting
Current Mood: excited

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12th December 2005

12:16pm: National Training Event
For the past week I've been away at National Training Event, learning about mission and bible stuff and then actually going to a church to *do* the stuff I learnt. It was so great and I got to work with such a lovely church, and get to know the people at my uni a lot better. So many good things happened, but I'll share some highlights with you.

* The first night, I heard a talk from a missionary in Nairobi where he works with really poor people. He really challenged the church as a group to focus on social justice as well as spreading the gospel. I'm now looking for a good organisation to send money to, that focuses on both of these things

*I heard some really good talks aswell about the church, and how we should relate to eachother in the church. It's all about love. Self sacrificial, genuine love - very challenging but so true.

* In free time some people went to parliament house - it was mostly boring but in a way, it's funny watching grown men in suits yell at eachother and be worse than little kids

* We did mission at St Hildas Anglican, at Katoomba (which is in the blue mountains, if you don't know). It's a pretty artistic, alternative kind of place, so the church held a cafe type dinner in the hall. There were lots of paintings by Christian artists up around the hall, and a shadow puppet show explaining the gospel in symbolic terms. It was a really good example of reaching out to people in different ways.

* When I was in a friends car, I discovered the joys of a particular Romanian dance song - very random but incredibly catchy!

* The whole group went to a primary school to do Scripture class and I gave a bible talk. Everyone says I was really good :)but I think God was helping me a lot

*I shared a house with nine other people - the house was affectionately called the fun house or the big brother house! It was very fun - the only thing was, there were only double beds so I had to share a bed with another girl.

* I really loved being around so many strong Christians, especially as they are my friends. Hearing some of my friends give very good talks was a pleasant surprise as well. I also made one really good friend who goes to uni in Melbourne, so I'm going to have to keep in touch with her somehow.

Overall(fiona!), it was a really really worthwhile experience. I would like to go again next year. Except, I've heard its in Perth, so that would mean travelling cross country on a bus with thirty other people. I've got to have lots of rest in the next few weeks, cause the day after Christmas, I am going off to beach mission

Thus endeth my long post.
Current Mood: thankful

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2nd December 2005

7:23am: Stupid job
My part time job hasn't paid me for two months! Fortunately, I'm still living at home so I don't *need* the money but still I'm pissed off. I've been ringing the agency several times a week to try to contact them but I only ever get an answering machine. I've left a lot of messages and they haven't got back to me. I'm really thinking of quitting and finding a better job. I really like tutoring primary school, so I'd still like something along those lines. Please pray something happens with that and that I actually get my money (it's about $200). I really need to contact them so I can find out what's going on. Maybe it's because of a stupid mistake like they have my address down wrong - but if it's not, I've got to find something else.

In happier news, I am going on a National Training Event tomorrow. I learn all about mission and evangelism, how to write bible talks and how to work in churches. A lot of my friends from uni are going so it will be fun. Then afterwards we get to go to the Blue Mountains and do some Christmas mission at a church there. I'm excited!
Current Mood: annoyed

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30th November 2005

3:25pm: By request
Here's the first chapter of my first children's book 'Phoebe, the Strong'.

Read more...Collapse )

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28th November 2005

9:32am: It is cold outside!
I have not updated for a while. I've been very busy...BUT I'm on holidays now until March!!! So I'll have lots of time to update and bludge and do very little.

God is really good...the youth group in our church has started a youth choir and we're practicing Christmas songs. I'm the lead singer for some reason and other people are actually starting to sing. They are all so shy but they have a lot of musical potential.

And we put the Christmas tree up yesterday!! That's always exciting. No presents underneath yet though.
It has been strangely cold the last few days even though it is almost summer. I love that! I like the cold weather. We have been having some fantastically exciting thunder storms aswell!!!!

I went to Officeworks and got the book that I wrote bound. It almost sort of looks like a real book now,and I can actually get people to read it without them messing up the pages now. I have two more completed books that I haven't bound yet, and I've *just* started writing a new one. I've only written four pages so far. It's all very exciting.
Current Mood: excited

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16th November 2005

8:55am: Amazing stuff has happened with my family! For a while we were planning to do a house blessing for our home. We've been fighting a lot recently so it seemed like a good idea. Only problems were we couldn't find a time for it and once when we started we just got caught up in arguing about little details.

But, finally, yesterday we prayed that whatever evil power was oppressing our family would be cast out in Jesus' name, and that the spirit of criticism and judgement would be replaced with a Spirit of encouragement and love. We were praying and singing and dancing and reading the Bible. It was amazing, and I completely felt the Lord's presence. I actually think that my family is going to grow in relationship with the Lord. We are all Christians, so that is something to be thankful for.
Current Mood: happy

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11th November 2005

1:23pm: Quotes from Anna Karenina
" Each one of the church's doctrines might be represented by faith in serving truth rather than serving one's own personal needs. And each of them not only did not infringe that belief but was necessary for the fulfillment of the chief miracle ever recurring on earth: the possibility of everyone, millions of most diverse people, sages and idiots, children and old men, peasants, Lvov, Kitty, beggars and kings, indubitably understanding one and the same thing, and forming that life of the spirit which alone is worth living for and which alone we prize"

"But now I say that I know the meaning of my life: it is to live for God, for the soul. And that meaning, in spite of its clearness, is mystic and wonderful. And such is the meaning of all existence."

"I shall still get angry with Ivan the coachman in the same way, shall dispute in the same way, shall inopportunely express my thoughts; there shall still be a wall between my soul's holy of holies and other people; even my wife I shall still blame for my own fears and shall repent of it. My reason will still not understand why I pray, but I shall still pray, and my life, my whole life, independently of anything that may happen to me, is every moment of it no longer meaningless as it was before but has an unquestionable meaning of goodness with which I have the power to invest it."

These quotes are from Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy, which I just finished reading. They come from a character who was searching for meaning throughout the whole 800 page book, and finds God in the last few chapters.
Current Mood: thoughtful

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9th November 2005

9:17am: What's my age again?
You Are 12 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Yay! Yay! Yay! Always have been, probably always will be

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6th November 2005

1:04pm: A touch of the past
Annual dinner was so much fun! The theme was 'a touch of the past' so I got to see everyone dressed up. There were quite a few roaring 20s girls, including me! And, with the help of Heather's gloves and feather boa, I got the best dressed prize!!

The funniest bit was when the smoke machine made the smoke alarm go off, and we all had to evacuate the building. The people in the college were woken up and the fire engines came and everything. It was funny. I loved seeing all my friends dressed up, and meeting with them for one of the last times before holidays start. Hopefully I'll get to see people a lot in the holidays!
Current Mood: reminiscent

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4th November 2005

5:24pm: One of these...
. What was the first car your family had?
A yellow really old car...I was too young to remember the specifics. But I did scratch the numbers from 0-9 onto the side when I was learning to write!

2. What was the name of your first pet and why?
My first pet was a stray cat that hung around our house, and I called her Sue

3. What was the name of your elementary school?
Burnside Public School

4. Who was your first best friend?
Becky Andrews

5. Are you still friends today, and if not, what happened?
No. I used to live in Tasmania but I came to Sydney...we stayed in touch for a few years after that, but eventually lost touch

6. What was your favorite board game?
I didn't like board games too much

7. What was your favorite cartoon?
Flinstones, Simpsons, Tom & Jerry, the Planeteers (does anyone remember that?)

8. Did you play house or other make believe games?
Oh yes!! Pretty much all I ever did

9. Were you a Dungeons and Dragons geek?

10. Did you sleep with stuffed animals as a kid?
A little bit

11. Do you still sleep with stuffed animals?
No, not now

12. Who was the first person you looked up to when you were younger?
My cousin who is 4 years older than me

13. Who was your favorite relative?
The previously mentioned cousin and my aunty

14. Were you short or tall in elementary school?
.very little

15. Were you teased in school?
Nothing major

16. What was the name of your favorite teacher?
Mrs B!! in year 3 , my role model for teaching!

17. What was the name of your least favorite teacher?
Mr Klamka in year 12. Does year 12 count?

18. What was your best subject in school?

19. What was your worst subject in school?

20. Did you do well in Physical Education?
Not at all

21. Were you clumsy when you were younger?
Yes yes yes

22. Who was your favorite band as a kid?
I never started listening to popular music until highschool. In year 7 I liked the Spice girls!!

23. What was your favorite movie as a kid?
Beauty and the beast and Aladdin

24. Did your parents read to you?
Until I was about twelve

25. Did you have a favorite book?
Charlotte's Web. I think that explains why I love spiders

26. What was your favorite restaurant as a kid?
Pizza Hut

27. On what TV or movie star did you have a crush?
Bart Simpson (when I was 9)

28. Do you now wonder what you were thinking?
No, he's still cool (although way younger than me now)

29. Who was your first crush in school?
I went to an all girls school, so...

30. As a child, what kind of car did you want when you grew up?
A red car

31. Did your parents spank you?

32. Did your parents fight a lot when you were a kid?
Not in front of me, and still then only a little bit

33. Did your parents get divorced or stay married?
They are still married.

35. Did you ever run away from home?

36. How old were you when/if you first got glasses?
Primary school, but I never needed to wear them much

37. Did you need braces or a retainer?

38. [This sort of question isn't really appropriate.]

39. Both sexes when did you start shaving?
16, I think. But still at the moment I don't shave my legs much. I can't be bothered!

40. Girls when did you start wearing a bra?
13 (btw...I was a 12B up until I was 16, now I am a 14DD! I don't know what happened)

41. What was your first kiss like?
Not yet

42. What did you do on your first date?
We went to the movies and then walked around the shops being idiots (we were really more friends than lovers, but we said it counted as a date)

43. How old were you when you first drank?
I was a teenager, but it was only a sip of mum's wine (does that count?)

44. Where was your first house?
In the dodgy part of the city, but apparently it was an okay street with lots of kids

45. What did you want to be when you got older?
Teacher and writer

46. What were you scared of when you were little?
Teenage mutant ninja turtles!

47. When and what was your first bad word?
I didn't even know swear words until year 3, and I didn't start saying them until highschool

48. What was your favourite outfit as a kid?
The tiger dress! It was a homemade yellow and white striped dress that I loved. My sister had one exactly the same.

49. What was your nickname as a kid?
I don't remember

50. What kind of lunch box did you bring to school?
Usually a brightly coloured one.

51. Which of these things embarrass you the most?
Liking the spice girls in Year 7!

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3rd November 2005

8:05am: Isn't this powerful?
“Niagra Falls is one of the most magnificent natural wonders in North America. It’s an irresistible sight! When I first laid my eyes on it, not only was I enchanted, but I was seized by the spiritual insights it yielded – insights that profoundly influenced my prayer life.

On my first visit, I gazed transfixed at the grandeur of its mighty flow. I saw its terrific torrents; I heard its howling thunder and felt its tumultuous power. I could not pull away; I found myself totally overwhelmed by God’s abundant love and power.

As I stood praying for guidance and for a prevailing prayer life, God vividly impressed upon my mind that the continuous irresistible flood of Niagara represents Christ’s prayers for me. “Yes, Lord” I said, “but this is about Christ’s mighty prayers. What about my weak prayers? The are like a few droplets of water, at best only a trickle.” Then conviction hit me like a thunderbolt: Why not join your weak prayers to His mighty ones?

I always felt that my faith was feeble and my prayers puny, but now the Lord was directing my mind to look not at myself but to the Saviour. He was telling me to rivet my unsteady faith to His unstoppable faith, to join my measly prayers with His mighty prayers. Take the plunge, go with the flow, with the conviction of my heart. ………………………

As shepherds under the Chief Shepherd, let us go to Christ as we are. Let us stay long in the embrace of the praying Jesus. Let His compassionate human arm encircle us and our congregations , and let His divine arm connect us with God’s throne.

We may plunge the trickle of our prayers with the mighty torrents of His prevailing prayers. Then the “much incense” of His intercession will join with our tainted prayers until they are fragrant to the nostrils of God. He is joining you in prayer right now. We may rest in the arms of the Prince of Peace , rest in the assurance that no power can pluck us out of His hand. “
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